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kathryn bernardo; europe adventure

Teen Queen’s Selfie


"KD" Scrapbook.

It’s like he’s telling the story of “How He Met The Mother (Kath) of his kids” :))))


She’s Dating The Gangster Fan-Poster. (Digital Drawing) :)
#SDTG: (2/10) Kathryn Bernardo as Athena Dizon and Daniel Padilla as Kenji Delos Reyes. -mine.


She’s Dating The Gangster Fan-Poster. (Digital Drawing) :)

#SDTG: (2/10) Kathryn Bernardo as Athena Dizon and Daniel Padilla as Kenji Delos Reyes. -mine.

Kathryn with EXO
Kathryn with EXO



Another throwback! Kathniel’s 1st GGV guesting! I’ve been looking for an actual complete one forever, thanks to this youtuber for making this video recently! :) I’ll do my best to do these videos from their earlier days as a loveteam to current!

Personally, I don’t think Kath’s really gained any “more than friends” feelings for Daniel yet here. But Daniel obviously likes her already.

0:17 - They’re asked how close are they, and Kath asks DJ to answer it. Based on her reaction, this was like the first give away for me that she doesn’t like him yet, and that she only sees him as a friend. He says 11 on a scale of 1-10, and she reacts like whoa no, we’re not that close lol.

0:44 - Vice teasing that the secrets Kath tells Julia is about DJ. Daniel raises his eyebrows happy about it, but when she denies it it seems like she’s not BSing, that her secrets she tells Julia really aren’t involving him.

1:17 - Asking about the wallpaper thing again from KrisTV. I think it’s obviously that he did have her as his wallpaper at some point, but to not be obvious and get busted for he he’s trying to make it casual. But Kath doesn’t buy it, just look at her reaction to what he’s saying at 1:22 lol.

1:53 - Kath shows her smile. What’s funny is that DJ is looking at her while she does it and he kinda follows by smiling too lol.

2:12 - Kath sharing what she likes about DJ. DJ’s face- he closes his eyes and looks away; this to me gives away that he already likes her. He’s anxious yet nervous to hear what she has to say.

2:38 - The infamous Titig Game! Kath’s so pretty though man at these close ups :)

2:52 - Daniel’s reaction to Vice saying he’s going to hold Kath’s cheek/face. He widens his eyes like o_o then he tries not to smile cause he’s not suppose to buttt he obviously did.

2:54 - He takes a big deep breath before he does it; personally to me shows how he’s nervous to do it cause he likes her already. As he does it, even though he’s trying to hold it back I can tell he’s real kilig lol. I think Kath’s reaction is not really kilig but more on reaction to the audience. When people poke fun like that it’s hard to to smile!

3:15 - Daniel’s reaction to Vice saying they’re going to put their foreheads together. Trying to hide his kilig again, he smiles and does a deep breath again! Their reactions; I think Kath’s is more on theyre so like close face to face while his is “Omg I’m this close to her”

4:07 - Daniel looks up at Kath first before he puts his hand on her waist; it doesn’t show their full body shot of him doing it, but I’ve seen a recorded video where it does show so I know that he does that look that he does here as he goes to hold her at her waist. It’s like he’s hesitant still cause they’re still not that close yet and he likes her. Obviously now, he holds her at her waist like his hand is meant to be there lol!

4:19 - Reaction after opening their eyes to look at each other! Kath laughs/smiles but Daniel’s reaction though! It looks like he’s more kilig than she is (if she is). Just the way he smiles/giggles, he didn’t even get to open his eyes fully while Kath did! So they do it again

5:13 - Cute bickering over him teasing about her face being big.

6:08 - Pick up lines! I guess the youtuber didn’t include the girls cause hers was a fail lol. Daniel’s wasn’t that great either in my opinion. Kath’s and her partners were real good.

6:49 - Kath’s partner’s pick up line; he messes up at first, but hey his was good when he said it right.

7: 25 - Kath’s pick up line. Obvious winner! :)

Eh kung pagtitigan ulit sila ng mata sa GGV may difference kaya ngayon?? 😉😉😉 FOR SURE!


kath and dj explaining #kathnielweek :) kathniel week rules re-explanation: May 5-11